25 October, 2010

Noisy Australians

As I checked an irrigation line across the field I came across this.  Right out in the middle of nowhere.

It was immediately obvious this belonged to the two large Spur Winged Plovers that make such a fuss day and night.  Every time I come within a hundred meters of these two they set up such a great racket.  And try to distract you from the nest.  Quite intrusive at times.  Also they can kick up a fuss in the middle of the night.  

They stand off and watch the nest in the daytime.  It is said they will attack you to defend the nest.  At night one seems to sit on the eggs.

I just can't get close to these birds. 

Not my photo
Originally from Australia, the first pair of Spur Winged Plover first appeared in New Zealand in 1932 at Invercargill airport, about 200 kilometers south of here.  It has since become common in the South island and the lower North Island.
As close to the birds as I can get

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  1. Hi Kerry

    I tried to comment on your excellent gold dredge post, but this box does not appear.

    Anyway I really enjoyed it thanks, and the photos are amazing. Goodness some of those dredges were huge!




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