31 January, 2011

Map of the vineyards

I have this beautiful map framed on my officewall.  It doesn't try to look old but is done in a style not often seen. When I look across the river to the Felton Road wineries it's a patchwork just like the map.  The map shows the vineyards of the Mount Difficulty company, which is set amongst famous others.
You can get both a full screen version or a printable version of this at

'The field of gold'  - our property - is on the north bank of the river about halfway left to right.  That curling road that runs from Pearson Road to the river bank is our property.


  1. I just love maps! How nice to have one that shows your property so beautifully. Are you right on the river? And if so do you have a wetland area to deal with or protect?

    I just back from visiting the wine country of Marlborough and it's NZ Week on my blog. hahaha

  2. Yes. We are riverbank although there is a public strip between the water than us. Few people about however. Not wetland and not needing management but I have planted some sequoia there. ( can't go past those California beauties.

  3. I love maps, but you need to give us something to orientate us. You know like a photo from that dead end road on the other side of the river. Or anything really.

  4. Vince
    Try the post at
    Photo two looks north
    Photo three looks east

  5. Thanks Kerry;

    Your field is over the river from the five pink vineyards, Yes ?.
    And are those gold tailings just on the river below the it.

  6. Vince. Yes exactly over the river from the five pink vineyards on the map. And yes those are gold tailings right below our property. On the post "The gold beneath" photos 2,3 and 4 show those actual ones quite closely.
    There are tailings everywhere however. I have not yet touched on or shown the ones on the hills across the river. Massive and unusual landscapes.


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