30 April, 2011

Autumn Liquidamber

A progression of photos as the autumn colour comes in.  Most of these in the view are Liquidamber (Sweetgum) which originates in the United States.  Some scarlet oak behind and golden elm to the far left  Planted in the winter of 2005.   Did not think these were going to last for the first three years.  But in the last two have really taken off.
6th February 2011
20th February 2011
19th March 2011
26th March 2011
9th April 2011


  1. You should have a nice thick forest soon with these, getting more and more beautiful, giving you shade in the summer. Don't go barefoot if they're the ones with what we'd call dingleballs.
    Ours would turn at the first cold snap, some even turnign as dark in places as burgundy. What is your low temp there, Kerry?

  2. Actually Sue the vineyard across the way just published this. Maximum summer air temperature can reach 39c (102F) and winter minimums of -10c (14F). The diurnal temperature range is typically 10c to 15c and can be as great as 25c. (27c during the day and down to 2 c at nights. Rainfall is very low with an average of 400mm that falls evenly throughout the year.
    Sunshine hours exceed 2000 annually.

  3. Hi Sue
    We can't go barefoot out in the wild anyway. It's original flora there is pretty tough. I love it but it's not for barefoot. This is the reason we have the 'green lawn' just around the house. (see the 'lawn' post) so we can lie around there in comfort.
    I have made the difference a deliberate contrast and you can see the in many of the blogs photos.
    Best wishes Kerry

  4. have a link in my current post, to yours about preventing frost on the grapes.


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