16 April, 2011

Scarlet Oak in Autumn

Christmas in New Zealand is high summer.   So autumn in Central Otago is March, April and May.

Deep Autumn colour is rare in New Zealand, in fact we have very few trees at all that shed their leaves. 
6th February 2011
20th February 2011

19th March 2011

There are about 60 Quercus Coccinea on the property, imports from the USA.  They are planted in three groups of 20 on the driveway.  Planted in the (our) winter of 2005.

26th March 2011

These trees grew very very slowly for a while but in the last two years have taken off.  Adding much more than a meter each year.

Over the weeks the colour changes (of course).  These photos are of a single tree.  But the big effect is gained from the mass of trees together.

But that is for another post.

9th April 2011


  1. The return on tree size hits the diminish button very quickly indeed. Three year old trees will overtake five year old.
    That oak is well worth the effort.
    The Amelanchier here has just gone over. My wild cherry is in full blossom and the hawthorn is about to let fly in what appears to be a magnificent show.

  2. The red color must account for the dramatic fall color so well known in the Eastern US and lacking here in the West. Our colors are muted here, except for the red of the poison oak vines, 'course. You have to travel east as far as Utah and Colorado before getting the bright yellow of the aspen groves.

    Wonder if the scarlet oak would do in my part of the world? As time goes by and they start to kick, you'll have plenty of Fall color in your field...and shade, too.

  3. You've convinced me to purchase a scarlet oak. Thanks for the posting.

  4. Bennopia. thanks for the thanks. I am very pleased to be of assistance.


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