07 August, 2011

It's winter now in the Southern Hemisphere

My beautiful Daughter in law who lives in Washington D.C. opposite the Watergate says it's stinking hot there. And humid and uncomfortable as well.
But here in the South Island of New Zealand it's still winter.  The ski season is in full cry and the plants lie dormant.  This morning some very light snow skittered past the window.  Some mornings it frosts, with a mist.  But that usually goes by mid morning leaving our usual blue skies and sunshine.
A nightmare looms out of the mist !
Angus the Steel Rabbit.
Sir Budleigh of Bannockburn.  "Bud" to his many friends.
Blue ski above.  Another hour and it will be bright sunshine.  Sunglasses will be required.
Next month I will be in Downtown Washington D.C.  That will be different


  1. WOW that looks chilly I hate winter!! Diane

  2. Kerry, Finally a quiet evening, I can now check out a few Blogs. Thought I would see what you are up to. So nice to see someone else with the snow. I can wait my turn for a couple more months! I have never see the rabbit, love it! Looks a little scary when I first saw the photo. Jack

  3. Beautiful photos, Kerry. The frosty patterns are pretty cool on Angus,...he's watching the place. I bet the lavender will be lovely in the spring. Mine doesn't mind the snow either.

  4. The other day when I saw these photos. I just went NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    You see we've had little or no summer(four days on the trot without rain) and the idea of facing into another winter sans sun was too much.For heavens sake the only day I went to the coast it was colder than in February.
    But regardless, you never get over that raw beauty of a winters day.

  5. To make you feel worse worse Vince, you need to understand what it means to live in a "rain shadow". It means dry and cloudless most of the time, and being able to spend my days outside even in midwinter in a T Shirt. (Well if you are not in shadow or there is a breeze). In winter you can get a tan here.
    That winter scene you see above turned by late morning into a day for sunglasses.
    And in summer it's dessert like, with 35 degrees very common, Hot but not humid and very comfortable.

  6. The steel rabbit nightmare photo at the top is startling. I'll remember the image! Until I read on (including your response to Vince) I imagined I had arrived in a deeply cold climate. I'm still a bit puzzled, given Jack's comment. Are we looking at dew or frost?

  7. That's ice on Angus the Rabbit. So it's frost. But this place has beautiful weather. Nice to hear from you Lucy and you blog looks interesting and I will follow it


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