25 July, 2012

Are they beautiful

Half way down to the coast the highway winds past a big hill. In the last few months it has sprouted nine great windmills, the property of our local community owned power company.

There is a lot of opposition to windmills generally, but actually I think they are beautiful.  There are lots of hills they should not be on.  But I think they can be on this hill.

You could not put these on my beautiful Mt Difficulty.  Link to photos of Mt Difficulty here

But on this farmland, they seem to me to be like great mobile art installations.

I am interested in your comments. 
From the West.  In the afternoon sun.
The highway winds around three sides of the hill.  All nine machines, against the bright sky.

Made in Spain.  Renewable energy in New Zealand.  Awesome and intimidating up close.
It's a hill.  Not one of my beautiful mountains.
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  1. I think there is a place for everything and mountains aren't the place for those things. Hill are grand, the open seas ditto and foothill of mountains are OK by me.
    Where do I make the split. Well, if the placement is in what is totally managed like farmland. Or along a canal like I've seen in Bruges. Then they fit. On what is wild like open mountain it strikes as an attempt to impose on wilderness. Why then not the seas. Well frankly, they're just hubristic standing against the elements. And you know they will lose. Not today, and maybe not tomorrow. But like with the Fastnet or the Wolf Rock you just know it'll end badly.


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