23 October, 2012

A Rare Fire

Mostly you have to think of our area as desert.  We do have grass and trees, but it's very dry here and any fire can burn out of control very quickly.  If you lit a fire at the wrong time, it could  soon be licking the edge of the town some 5 km away.  Not only very embarrassing, but very dangerous.
Seizing an opportunity.
In August (winter in New Zealand) there had been that rainfall and little heat to suck out the moisture.  Our surroundings were soaked through and there was good opportunity to burn the scraps that accumulate around the field.
Inside is warmer, but not as interesting as a fire.
So I lit a fire.  I was soon joined by the my wife, and her parents.   We looked about a bit and found more than a few branches that needed to be disposed of.
A nice riesling, some comfortable chairs from the terrace,  a fire to watch and keep you warm.  What else could you need on a darkening winters evening ? 
Any fire is worth watching
Doggie of course was not going to miss the action.
A fire is a satisfying sort of thing.


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