01 May, 2015

Autumn colour in the morning light.

As the sun rose in the morning.
First rays of the sun on Mt Difficulty.
The morning light does something strange to the Autumn colours
It's dark and glowing at the same time
The colour of the light changes every few minutes
April 25th 2015.  Anzac day in New Zealand.  100 years since Gallipoli.
I thought this shot would come out orange.  But the light changed on me in an instant.

I don't photoshop.


  1. James, I have missed your last three posts! I miss Google Reader and have depended on email subscriptions to read my favorite blogs, of which yours is!

    Photographing light. ..that's what photography is. So many subtle colors here and as the sun rises, I'm betting the colors become so pretty.
    The light here in the morning is so blue, it's as if you have set the blue in photoshop way to the plus side! It seems to balance out in the sun when there's not too much glare, and the absolute best is that last hour of light.

    Your lavender is doing so well! What are the bushes just behind it I wonder. I also like the effect you're getting from the rows of trees behind, red...Red Maple were they? Amazing color and very serene...

  2. What fine photographs - superb lighting. Thank you for commenting on my trees.

  3. What a lovely spot on the planet you have to call your own, James! Beautiful autumn colour too!

  4. Gorgeous fall colors. I remember reading your post about the poppies and how they came to NZ. I can't believe it was that long ago though. Thanks for stopping by, I hope all is well in your part of the world.

  5. Hey,... I miss your blog posts. Hope you’re doing well there..
    Sue, from Sierra Foothill Garden


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