28 September, 2010

Keeping out the Rabbits

Keeping rabbits off the field is a constant battle.  There are ten thousand rabbits outside fighting to get in.  And one or two desperate to get out.  Desperate because if I see a rabbit I will shoot it. 
 The final solution.
The entire property is rabbit fenced with netting into the ground.  In recent years as the area has developed there is more fencing around the neighbourhood the rabbits have been restricted.  But they will get in unless there is a complete boundary and everything is blocked.  Including the gates.

The rabbits were introduced into New Zealand in the 1800's and became a plague, destroying the entire landscape and vegetation.

The netting goes into the ground.  Notice the rabbit scratchings.
Keeping out the rabbits is important so that anything planted will survive.  Also there is a chance, without rabbits, that some of the natural vegetation will some areas of the field.


  1. I wonder if they seell rabbit at the meat market there in NZ? My mom would bake or braise it like chicken,..I remember there wasn't much difference in taste.

    That's some sturdy fence. Nice!

  2. Yes they do sell rabbit at the supermarket. It's wild rabbit, shot in the wild, then properly processed. Best of both worlds. Wild taste and modern hygiene and control.
    Do try this link

  3. Good fence. Rabbits are not native to NZ, right? So you have to do some killing. I know it must not be fun, but must be done to preserve the natives.


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