03 September, 2010

Why curve a driveway.

Well - to create visual interest I guess.   There are 175 meters in the first stretch of drive.  Maybe it would have been quite fantastic to put that as a straight line allee.  Especially as we planted large trees anyway.  But we have curved it, right then left then right.

The idea was to put in some curves.  With major tree planting to either side.  Also with gaps. The trees are, and will be gorgeous the gaps visually are more important than the trees.
The assumption is you will be in a car.  And looking about.

So the sequence is.
a.  In the gate from the front.  Across the open.  Curve a little to the right and into the trees.
b.  Trees on the right cease.  Gap opens.  See across the fence into the next field.
c.  Curve to the left.  Trees start again on the left.
d.  On the right a gap opens.  See the house.  Also a view across the field.
e.  Back into the trees.  Curve left.  New gap opens on the left.

There is a judgement to make.  Curved enough to be interesting, but not so meandering as to be irritating.

I have been trying to relocate / remember that term used in landscaping.  The one that relates to country houses, where you have a teasing view of the house, carefully arranged as you drive up.  But then you don't see the house again until you is quite close.  There is a word for it.  Can't remember.  Comments please.

I will add to this when the leaves come onto the trees in summer.  And the pictures will be different.

To be continued.

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  1. Hi Kerry -
    Its great to control the view, Guest/visitors have a better appreciation and sense of arrival, adds to the magic rather than lead you directly to the house,


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