16 September, 2010

Dredge buckets

We have two large dredge buckets, which are remnants of the gold dredges that worked our river one hundred years ago.  The buckets were linked in a chain and bought up gravel from the bottom of the river.

See the post "Gold from the River" with pictures of the Lady Ranfurly dredge 

There were also many other dredges.  See the post "A Wreck in the River"

Relics of Victorian Industry

Buckets as they were in a gold dredge
 We will use the buckets as a feature as we build the garden around around the house.  The question is.  Just where.  And maybe with a few large central schist rocks.  The buckets are too big and heavy to shift without a crane so we could also use it to handle quite big rocks.

Then grow flowers over it.   

The design questions are
1.  What to do that would be good.
2.  How to avoid creating "A visual symphony"  also known as "Plain awful".

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  1. I'd not plant anything in them the austerity of the form is its beauty. but yes in a composed grouping with schist would be nice but still left exposed to the elements as they have been for years..... just a thought.


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