21 September, 2010

Yes. There is a house.

Yes.  There is a house.  Some people have inquired.  Here is a photo.
House in Summer.  December 2009.  No lawn yet.

House in winter.  September 2010.  Got a lawn now.
 The House is built for inside - outside living.  Winter here is the coldest in New Zealand, but we do have the hottest New Zealand summers here. 


  1. Will you develop on - built for inside-outside living. I imagine yours is also a green house. I see a solar panel. And deep overhangs against the summer sun. And against the winter cold?

  2. The house is built very substantially and expensively for the environment. Little heating required in the quite severe winters. Passive design (the right window placement etc) works wonders. Also cooling. High ceilings and natural breezes flow through. While it's both very hot and very cold here the weather in all seasons tends to be blue sky and bright sun.


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