11 January, 2011

Front gateway

Our original gate was a plain one at the side of our very long very straight road.  We wanted something more.
Original gateway.  Winter (with doggie)
First thing we did was to get some road sealing.
New seal roadway down.  But nothing else.
Next came a post and rail fence made of Macrocarpa timber.  The new gate will be set further into the property than the old one.  The old gate remained for a while (with a bit of temporary tin as well.) 
Sealed. With Post and Rails.  But the original gate.  Springtime (with doggie)
The property is fenced to keep out the rabbit plague.  It also works to keep one small doggie off the road.

In the meantime we had a special gate made of steel.  The idea was to be old colonial, but not fussy Victorian.  The gate was made by David Rule, of Handy Solutions in Wanaka.

You will see the decorative bits on the gate but we decided to use others.  The first attempt looked a little to much like add ons.

David Rule at work.
David completed, painted the gate and installed it.  The resulting curly decorative bits are much better than the original idea.

New Gate.  (with doggie)
You can't see it at all but there is rabbit proof netting on the gate.  Vital in this area.  Rabbit proofing works quite well for doggie as well.   Doggie knows his place is following on five paces behind and advising on any planting or placement decisions to be made.  He is somewhat mystified why his services are not required out on the road.


  1. Good gate, better fence. But those little stones are going to drive you insane.

  2. Like the new gate - lots. Nice simple style that does not detract from the surroundings. Looks good. Adds to the property.

  3. love the gate, and the improvements you are documenting look wonderful.

  4. Very nice project and satisfying, I bet! We have gravel too...what do you use for sealer? It looks great!


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