01 January, 2011

Mountain Ranges

The field sits at the bottom of the landscape and all views are upwards.  Despite the dryness of the area there are mighty rivers scouring through gorges dividing the mountains into distinct ranges.

This first photo cheats a bit as it is not taken from our property but from about three kilometers away at a house we used to use before ours was built.

This is the mighty Pisa Range with the Bannockburn Inlet in front. 
One of my favourite photos.  The Pisa Range.  Winter.
This is the view coming in the front gate.  The Carrick Range on the other side of the river.
Carrick Range. Winter.
Mt Difficulty which dominates over the top of the garden shed is the northern buttress of the Carrick Range.
Mount Difficulty
The Dunstan Mountains.  This photo is taken just over the road from the front gate.
Dunstan Mountains
The Cairnmuir Mountains see the last of the evening light.  This photo taken standing in the back doorway of the house.
Cairnmuir Mountains.
The distinctive shape of the Hawkdun Mountains  (might be the St Bathans Range)  frame the northern end of the open valley.  This photo taken on a walk by Lake Dunstan about ten kilometers from home.
Cute Pair and the Hawkdun Mountains.   Mmmh.  Might be the St Bathan range.
The most dramatic of all, the Remarkable Mountains, lie concealed from the property, behind the Carrick Range.  (Yes.  "The Remarkable Mountains" is their real name)  In this photo, our property lies behind the far pine trees.
The Remarkable Mountains behind the Carrick Range.  Cromwell Town in front.
Coming into Central Otago from the coast I can see reoccuring glimpses of the Remarkables standing out through a series of other mountain gaps about one hundred kilometers out.  But it needs to be the right light and a lot of luck.  That's a different post I think.

Now for my favourite photo (this week anyhow)  Not doctored, but cropped a bit.
Evening light, Roses, the Bannockburn Inlet, and the mighty Pisa Range


  1. Kerry,
    Sure do enjoy the photos, mountains - Remarkable Mountains at that!! Being an outdoors kind of person, the pictures make me want to travel to NZ even more. Your garden "space" really shows the beauty and benefit of what I call in my Blog postings on Principles of Design - "Borrowed Views". Great pictures of a great area captured from your property. Look forward to more pics. Jack

  2. Breathtaking scenery you have there - not at all what I think of when I think about New Zealand. Would love to visit your neck of the woods some day.

  3. What amazing views. Like visual meditation. I can see why you've chosen to live there.

    You're probably right about the bull/steer/cow at Hill Country Mysteries.

  4. That picture of the Cairnmuir Mountains is gorgeous!

  5. >This is the mighty Pisa Range with the Bannockburn Inlet in front.

    Great photo! The winter one with the roses in the foreground.

    Looks like you've been pretty busy with building, gates and lawns! Good effort.



  6. Beautiful photos!
    Good luck with your GGW entry!

  7. Several of these could be fine paintings, especially your entry in the Picture This contest. Best of luck to you!

  8. Love your entry photo, it's magical! good luck!


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