23 December, 2011

Christmas is Summer

In the southern hemisphere Christmas is high summer.   30 degrees Centigrade  today (that's 80 degrees for you Americans )  We don't get humidity but the bad side of that is unfiltered blazing sun outside that would fry you, makes having a cold drink inside very attractive.
Stinking hot out.  Cooler inside.
Its far too hot to do any work on the land today so its down to the lake for a swim.  You don't need a long swim and a quick circuit of the pontoon is just about right.
Lake, Pontoon. And a doggie who just hates a posed photo.
Bannockburn Inlet.  Lake Dunstan. December 23rd 2011.
Turns out the kids on the pontoon are Swedish.  Here seems a sensible place to be considering the season in Sweden right now.


  1. I would exchange our winter for your summer any time. After living for 50 years in Africa I find the Northern hemisphere too chilly for me!
    Have a good Christmas and New Year. Diane

  2. One chick and four guys; now that's a recipe for disaster.

    As to your summer. It's a lovely day here and only seven degrees less than the 23rd of June.

  3. 75 degrees and sunny here in the No hemisphere. Where is our rain and snowpack? It's dry, dry, dry!

    I'm catching up on your posts today, Kerry. Happy New year!


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