24 December, 2011

Christmas market

Our local farmers market at Cromwell usually is Sunday morning but that market day would have been Christmas day, so it shifted to Saturday.  It's fine summer here and the produce is just starting to become abundant.

It's very local and we know most of the producers.  But  it's not so much for everyday vegetables, rather it's for the good things of life, like wine, cheeses and flowers and we went of our morning coffee.  We also got the other two essentials -- wine and flowers.

I will never get over how good our mountains are here.   Lake to the right.
In fifty years between1860-1910, tons of gold passed through the this little remote town. The tradition continues.
Are we here for supplies or to catch up with friends?
Bannockbrae Wines.  Early yet but sensibly placed in the sun.
I don't get the local fascination with Whitebait which is a tiny river fish.  Matchstick size, usually eaten in a fritter or 'pattie'.  Northburn station wines even have their own helicopter to access the remote West Coast river where they take the whitebait.  Look through the stall to see the lake.

More social time
It was early and the market was still setting up and some stalls only just unpacking.  But it's a good time before the queues begin and the sun starts to bake.
Young Enterprise.
Peonies are well past the end of the season but these are still in great shape.  So we got some.  Peonies love Central Otago.


  1. Such a pretty bucolic place.

  2. Yes. Around here there is just too much to point a camera at. But I am saved from that by spending so much time just looking at it.

  3. Wonderful story telling photos! In the first I see beautiful green and violet light on your mountains. Happy are those who live in mountain views.

    Cute boy!

    Sister, Karen took me to the Nelson Farmer's Market. So fun! We have one here at the lake village too, but not until May.


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