31 December, 2011

Evening light and cloud over the mountain

I just love the burnished evening light here and it's a privilege to walk  amongst it.  Clouds like this make it even more special.
Clouds over the mountain with evening light on the field.


  1. Do you get to do gardening in that field? You are very lucky.

  2. Yes I do garden. but it's big scsle. Not a lot of emphasis on small flowers but more on the bigger views. Not sure if everybody else would call it gardening, but when I planted the first specimen trees the principle was not less than 20 in a bunch. I think it's gardening.

  3. Beautiful! I wish I knew more about what weather conditions form this type of cloud,...but mostly I just enjoy them when they do happen.
    I absolutely think what you're doing is gardening. With these borrowed views and natural areas, I'd called it also 'guardianing'.


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