15 January, 2013

Summer Storm

December 2012
Summer storm over Cromwell town and Lake Dunstan.  Pisa Range in the background.  Spur Valerian (Centranthus macrosiphon) in the foreground.  

The two Sequoia were planted in 1863 when the gold rush came to this previously uninhabited area.  The church on the right is where Theresa and I were married.

A mediterranean plant the Valerian has spread along the roadside here in red, white and pink.  It has done well in temperature conditions that easily span 40 degrees and a barren rocky like desert terrain.  I think I will uplift some.  Something that looks this good and does so without input in this environment has to be useful.  It could be invasive, but it seems well enough controllable.  There are some growing naturally at the end of field in the gold workings.  Having been there for many years they have not spread.  

Also  !  I have added this years update to progress of the Lavender Patch.  The link takes you to the post and then go to the last photo at the bottomLavender Patch Update


  1. Nice photo Kerry!

    All the best for you and yours for 2013



  2. It was great to hear from you again and I hope all is well in your world. The photo is just gorgeous.

  3. I called into your blog when I found you as having popped into see me. I love the idea of your blog, and am looking forward to checking out your previous posts...partly because they look and sound fascinating, but also because I am currently planning my first ever trip to NZ for February next year, and I have a feeling that some of your photos are going to make me want to see some of these views for myself ! I love the links with the past too. Very best wishes, Janice.


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