16 August, 2013

Evening light on the coast

The Field of Gold is about 200 km from the coast.  That's as far as you can get from the coast in New Zealand.
But down on the coast Doggie still needs his exercise and we were walking one evening in a place where cars are excluded.    Right at sunset the light came in sideways.
Evening light
The illuminated dog himself.  The pole on the headland is our turnaround point.
Sealions often camp on that beach below.  Enormous things about the size of a small car.
On the way back.  Sideways sunlight.   It's about 3 kilometer round trip from where the road is blocked off.
Doggie loves it here.  No cars and he can run and run.  And sniff.
Notice the houses of the city, hidden in the shadow.
Always something to see here.  On a different day with different light.


  1. Just gorgeous! You really live in one of the most beautiful country in the world!

  2. Beautiful. I'm coming to New Zealand in February. What cities are you near?

  3. Holly would love to go for a walk like this! Your photos a beautiful. We might be in NZ next year!

    1. Haha. And we might be in Positano. In June.

  4. In so many ways, your NZ coast reminds me of California. Our favorite road is Hwy 1 there and I believe you've been there! In both places, you can see the coast as you drive along. Kerry, we were able during a rare 'Indian Summer' to camp for three days on three different beaches along the coastline south of Monterey. Reminds me of this golden coast...

  5. Hi Sue. Yes, I have been on that California Coast. look on this blog for the post. "the California trees that came to New Zealand."


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